The EÉSAD, a Unique Offering is composed of domestic help social economy businesses. For us, the term social economy means providing high-quality service while contributing to increasing the community’s collective wealth. The cooperatives and NPCs who are members of the EÉSAD network are all collective enterprises that operate on a non-profit basis. Our wealth is…

meeting the community’s needs

The EÉSADs were created for and by communities. They promote citizen empowerment by giving community members the ability to take charge of their well-being.

creating quality long-term jobs

The EÉSADs have the mission to create jobs everywhere: whether they are in faraway communities, where they curb devitalization, or in urban centres, the EÉSADs create high-quality, long-term employment. Given our aging population, the EÉSADs expect to hire and train 5,000 caregivers by 2022.

offering services throughout Quebec is composed of 100 EÉSADs distributed throughout Quebec’s 17 administrative regions. Together, they cover all of Quebec and meet the needs of the largest possible population base.

guaranteeing high-quality, affordable services

By high-quality, we mean everything that can contribute to improving the quality of life of seniors who have lost autonomy, such as an active family. We take great pains to do our job with the utmost respect for your privacy, habits and needs. Our services are intended to be accessible and available to everyone and are eligible for financial assistance, some of which is exclusive to EÉSADs.

promoting well-being

The domestic help and personal care provided by EÉSADs promote living at home for seniors by providing them and their loved ones with daily support. By allowing Quebeckers to grow old in the comfort of their homes, we reduce the burden on the healthcare system.