EÉSAD network

What is an EÉSAD?

An EÉSAD (the acronym for “Entreprise d’économie sociale en aide à domicile”) is a Domestic Help Social Economy Business.

Operating on a non-profit basis, an EÉSAD is either a cooperative or an non-profit corporation (NPC) with the following mission:

To provide home services that benefit and meet the needs of their community.

To create and provide quality jobs in their area.

EÉSADs have a broad clientele that comes from all backgrounds, ages and social classes.

The EÉSAD Network, a Brief Description

100 domestic help social economy businesses (EÉSAD).

Present in 17 administrative regions of the province.

More than 7 million service hours.

100,000 users.

More than 8,700 home caregivers with the required skills and expertise to provide support and quality care.

Easy access to the Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Services (PEFSAD, which is the acronym for “programme d’exonération financière pour les services d’aide domestique”) from the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) for domestic help services (AVD).